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ASIGITALIA means opportunity

We are an organization that works in Italy and abroad. Our aim is to provide training and promote economic, cultural and social interchange.

Siamo un’Associazione di operatori economici, che opera in Italia e all’estero. Il nostro fine è quello di promuovere l’interscambio culturale ed economico tra le imprese Italiane e quelle dei paesi dell’area Eurasiatica e dell’area Mediterranea. Asigitalia offre servizi compresi servizi specifici (ricerca fondi, progettazione per bandi Italia/Estero, traduzioni dei company profile, inserimento dell’imprenditore nel contesto sociale- istituzionale del paese dove va ad investire).

ASIGITALIA means attention to social issues

Through the Haziel International Association, we develop international charitable activities in collaboration with Institutions, Embassies and political leaders of various territories.

Cooperation and Training

  • ASIGITALIA trains human resources since 2018 through the Professional Training Centre in Tunisia, that is the first Italian centre accredited to the Ministry of Education of the Tunisian Government.
  • Thanks to the excellent relations with institutions, governments, Italian and foreign press, chambers of commerce, trade associations, banks and investment funds, Asigitalia has managed to establish itself in the foreign market through the signing of agreements for cooperation.
  • The purpose of the agreements is to create synergies with other countries, to have an operational structure in order to offer services to companies in transparency and legality.

Thanks to the funds, the organization trains and educates adolescents, young people, women and men so that they can regain their freedom and dignity.

Work and knowledge allow the human being to live.
The major mission of Asigitalia is to fight at the forefront for human rights in defence of the weakest, giving them the tools to build their economic independence and integration.

Cultural and Social Exchange

The Asigitalia Organization has created international relations not only in the economic field, but also in the social and cultural ones.
It is essential to know culture, religion and language of the countries with which we cooperate in order to develop a solid and lasting relationship.


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ASIG Italia - 2020 | Made by Scar Group ™

ASIG Italia - 2020 | Made by Scar Group ™