Cooperating for International
Economic Exchange

Cooperating for International
Economic Exchange

Cooperating for
economic exchange

Cooperating for
economic exchange


The Italy Eurasian association for economic exchange cooperates with the institutions of the Eurasian Countries, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Amenia, Iran Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, also, with the Mediterranean area and with the Italian institutions in order to promote and intensify the commercial, financial, cultural relations and technical economic cooperation between Italian and foreign companies in the fields of industry, trade, crafts, agriculture, with the aim of strengthening relations between the various countries.


Accompanying companies in their period of internationalization, relations, training, research local partners, private research and magistrates, a staff of consultants and technicians is a provision of development impression for its whole a project for the offspring the international  in the countries  by statute.


Let’s start with the idea that every business is unique. We develop targeted, functional activities designed for foreign markets where we are present

Search and Support

Search for new markets for companies  in cooperation with Government Institutions.

Training and Education

International vocational training in scientific technical field.

Cooperation and Development

Direct cooperation with Governments in the Mediterranean area and the Eurasian area.

The President:

Telling the story of Rossana Rodà in short is very difficult because the president of ASIGITALIA is a woman who has always been active in so many areas that limiting her interventions is always reductive.
She graduated in Milan with a degree in Economics and Commerce, and just graduated from high school, she started her long career, first in the company and then in international relations.
Her long professional experience has allowed her to strengthen her organizational skills, specializing in short and long-team planning and problem solving.
For years she has devoted much of her time to charitable activities thanks to the Haziel association, which she founded, which operates in hospitals.
  • 2019 / December – On the occasion of World Human Rights Day, Receives international recognition for her daily commitment to the weakest, both in Italy and abroad.
  • 2019 / December – Receives the award for her social activities from the army at the Teuliè school in Milan.
  • 2018 / July – Receives the International Women’s Profile Award, for her “constant commitment to the most needy and the manageriality with which she carries out its work dedicated to international exchanges”.
  • 2018 / October – Establishes and chairs the Italian Centre for Professional Training – C.I.FO.P – in Tunis. First Italian centre in North Africa to train young Tunisians.
  • 2018 / July – The twinning with the Alliance of Tunisian Associations in Italy is signed.
  • 2018 / May – Receives the award for the cooperation  Italy-Algerie.
  • 2018 / May – Signs the twinning with the Tahar Fundation of Morocco.
  • 2017 / May – Founds and chairs ASIGITALIA, Eurasian Economic Exchange Association.
  • 2013 / February – Founded and chairs HAZIEL International, an association that deals with the “last of the Earth” and does so by promoting scholarships, cultural exchanges, organizing visits and meetings in protected communities, prisons and hospitals.

ASIGITALIA through the Italien centre for the Formation Professionnelle in Tunisia trains human resources for companies investing in the North African area and the Euro-Asian area, trains trainers, trains the same companies according to EU guidelines.

Thanks to the excellent relations with the institutions, the governments, the Italian and foreign press, the chambers of commerce, trade associations, banks, investment funds, ASIGITALIA   has managed to establish itself in the foreign market through the signing of agreements for cooperation.

The purpose of the agreements and to create synergies with other countries, to have an operational structure in order to offer services to companies in transparency and legality.