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The Italy Eurasian association for economic exchange cooperates with the institutions of the Eurasian countries, including  Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, also with the Mediterranean area and with the Italian institutions in order to promote and intensify the commercial, financial, cultural relations and technical economic cooperation between Italian and foreign companies in the fields of industry, trade, crafts, agriculture, with the aim of strengthening relations between the various countries. Italy Eurasian association for economic exchange office is headquartered in Milan, through its network of relationships and with the assistance of qualified consultants and specialized service companies, in addition to the experience of the reports, providing a set of information and services to promote business, legal, contractual, tax and corporate consultancy, market research and analysis, search and selection of potential partners identified on the basis of company requirements, provision of institutional documentation. Italy Eurasian  association for economic exchange is able to provide its members with an information service on business issues.

The Italy Eurasian association for economic exchange actively collaborates with the institutions to promote the achievement of its statutory goals and with them supports and promotes conferences, seminars, exhibitions and  events aimed at improving the knowledge of the countries that represent their culture , their institutions and opportunities that they can offer to those who want to travel for business, culture and tourism.


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