Another face of the Mediterranean. Asigitalia visit to the Koutoubia Holding office in Morocco

The relationship of economic exchange is consolidated, and not only, between Asigitalia and the Mediterranean countries: today 15 May 2018 visit of the President of Asigitalia at the headquarters of Koutoubia Holding.
The company has more than two thousand employees, distributes its products throughout Africa and the Middle East: develops red and white meat, investing in staff training, research, and through its foundation, the Tahar Foundation brings its support for the poorest social strata.
Today a partnership agreement has been signed between the president of the Tahar Foundation, Mr. Tahar Bimezzagh and the President of Asigitalia, Rossana Rodà Daloiso, to create economic synergies with Italian companies in the sector.
This large company, through the Tahar Foundation, following the direction of His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, embraces the principles on which Asigitalia rests: for large companies they must and are obliged to help the most disadvantaged sectors.
In particular, the international economic system has changed and requires investments for the growth and dignity of people.

One year of life of Asigitalia: interview with Rossana Rodà Daloiso

Asigitalia celebrates its first year of life: the Association for the Italo-Eurasian Economic Exchange and the Near Mediterranean Countries has become a point of reference for economic and financial synergies and not only.
For this important anniversary, we interviewed President Rossana Rodà Daloiso.

President, a really important birthday that of the first year of Asigitalia. What were the objectives pursued and what the results achieved?

It was a year full of events, but above all of enormous satisfaction. Asigitalia aims to create economic and financial synergies between Italian companies, interested in asserting their presence in the Caspian and Mediterranean countries. Among these, the Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Tunisia have shown particular interest in heterogeneous Italian commercial realities. We have promoted the culture and the international twinning taking care of the associated companies both in commercial terms, both in fiscal and legal terms. Many Italian companies are already working (for privacy I can not say anything else) with local companies.
Among the events carried out during the year we mention: the memorandum of understanding Kazakh Economic Mission; the conference on cyber-security; twinning with Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia; twinning in Biserte with the Hannibal association; the meeting at the Moroccan embassy; the forum of February 7, 2018 “The future of economic cooperation between Italy and Mediterranean countries”; participation in the second edition of the Mediterranean Festival of Novegro in March 2018 and many others. We have also been present abroad with various events, including many in Algeria on the occasion of the International Fair. Lately we have decided to continue the cooperation and cultural exchanges with the countries of the Eurasian area.
Asigitalia also moves on the social: among the most important initiatives are those in collaboration with the Haziel association with the important project of donating a home to the Samante family in Kenya and a dinner of the poor during Ramadan in Tunisia.
It is very important to be able to help others, especially families and young people in difficulty. Italy, and not only that, must look forward: to the future, to innovation and to everything that makes you feel good.

What do you plan to develop in the future?

In the immediate future we plan to make the agreements with the various countries of the Mediterranean and Euro-Asia area, increase the twinning and cultural exchanges with other countries.
For the autumn of 2018, we will organize in Rome a forum on the Eurasian area with all the political and institutional representatives, as has already been done in Milan on 7 February 2018 for the Mediterranean area, in the Lombardy region.
We will also follow the school-training-work sector and soon the protocols will be signed with Italian and foreign schools thanks to the support of local institutions and entrepreneurs: the most deserving young people will be awarded scholarships. Among the social projects, we will also give scholarships to a football school in Tunisia.

Asigitalia present at the 16th International Exhibition of Food Production in Algiers

ALGIERS. More than 700 national and foreign traders took part in the 16th International Exhibition of Food Production (Djazagro) inaugurated by the Ministers of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, Abdelkader Bouazghi and Trade, Said Djellab. Also present the President of Asigitalia.
“Algeria is in the process of developing rapidly, in the economic and political sphere, to create cooperation with many Italian companies” declared Asigitalia president Rossana Rodà Daloiso “I had the pleasure to meet the great chef Amine Messili: at the fair she had won the first prize by executive chef “.

Asigitalia and Haziel together to donate a home to the Samante family in Kenya

“A great project is being able to donate more houses, but let’s start with one” declared the president of Asigitalia and Haziel, Rossana Rodà Daloiso. Having offices all over the world, it is involving national and international companies for a major humanitarian project.
The president Rossana Rodà Daloiso, in the forefront, defends the weakest who need help, and has distinguished herself as Haziel and Asigitalia for international support also abroad through visits to the disadvantaged and protocols for work.
On this occasion, Asigitalia and Haziel promote a beneficiary action for humanitarian purposes that aims to raise funds to donate a home to the Samante family in Melili, Kenya.
The family, made up of 2 parents and 6 minors, is in deaf conditions. Of this family, the little Sasha, who is 6 years old, has been living in Milan since 2014.
The aim of the fundraising is to buy a two-bedroom house from a company that specializes in the conversion of containers into homes (, or the best solution for the prefabricated house would be evaluated).
Through this project we can: give this family with 6 children a small and clean house; give dignity to the whole family; make it possible for Sasha to visit the biological family and his brothers; provide examples to other people that the container can be converted into homes for needy people and perhaps even ONG or international governments whose purpose is to help solve the problem of housing in Kenya and in all countries, including ‘Italy, where today many live in discomfort.
The decision to donate a home to the Samante family was driven by the desire of little Sasha, who sees her family living in degradation and in front of the request of a child can not be said no.
For Donation:
ADDRESS: Piazzale Cadorna 15, 20123 MILANO
IBAN: IT 70 Q 02008 01628 000010949891

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Festival del Mediterraneo: Inauguration on the 16th of March 2018 at Parco Espositivo Novegro

Festival del Mediterraneo at Parco Espositivo Novegro from the 16th to the 18th of March 2018 is a about to be opened.
ASIGITALIA Association, that promote the international economic exchanges between Italy and the Mediterranean countries, will be present with its own Stand at the D Pavilion.
This 3 days event is scheduled in this way:
Friday 16th, at 11 o’clock, will take place the inauguration with the special participation of local Authorities and the presence of of members of different Consulates.
On Saturday 17th at 11 o’clock, it will take place “Mediterraneo luogo di civiltà, arte e bellezza” a round table with special presence of: Dottor Gianluca Poldi (member of culture committee of Segrate); Dottor Soufiane Amara (Consul associate of Algeria) Architect Gabriele Pagliuzzi (President of Parco Espositivo Novegro); Doctor Rossana Rodà Daloiso ( President of ASIGITALIA ) and many more.
The moderator of the event will be Luca Gallesi.
An overwhelming event filled with music and culture that unifies the cultures and people of so many different countries.

“Festival del Mediterraneo” will take place from the 16th to the 18th of March at “Parco Espositivo Novegro” in Milan

“Festival del Mediterraneo” will take place from the 16th to the 18th of March at “Parco Espositivo Novegro” in Milan.
Inside the event other exhibitions will take place. For instance “Brocantage” will feature special pieces from the Bazars of Tunisia and Morocco. Also “Byblos 2.0” will be showing antique books, prints and amazing maps from the past.
ASIGITALIA, the association for cultural and economic exchange with the country of the Mediterranean, will also be present with its own stand, where will be possible to go talk, to exchange opinions and understand better ASIGITALIA’s “Mission”.
The aim of the association is to promote and intensify the commercial, financial and cultural relations between the Italian companies and the foreigns one, in the the industrial, in the commerce and artisanal, agricultural, production, and service fields.
These countries have shown a substantial socio economic growth.
During the event there will be the presence of members of Consolate of Tunisia, Turkey, and Algeria. Beside them there also be the associations from the region of the South of Italy like Puglia, Molise, Sardegna and Campania.
An incredible atmosphere of cooperation and prosperity, is supported by the presence of a cornucopia of food and traditional cuisine as well as ideas for vacations and cultural stimulations.
“Aladino” restaurant, of Milan, will be serve typical Syrian-Lebanese food, and there is the possibility to witness Live music, Belly dance, and lesson of “Pizzica” all immersed in a mediterraneo Fusion of Flavors and music without borders of any sort.

Asigitalia promuove la lirica

Ph Nick Zonna
Cultura musica 02-12-2017 Milano Circolo Alessandro Volta
Magda Olivero XI°Concorso Lirico Internazionale, Esibizione di cantanti e partecipanti durante la finale e premiazione.
lIn the photo:Viviana Nebuloni soprano Italia,Klizia Prestia soprano Italia, premiate con borsa di studio dalla Dott.ssa Rosanna Rodà Presidente Associazione per lo Scambio Economico Italo- Euroasiatico e Vincenzo Puma Direttore Artistico Associazione Nazionale Lirica Domani


( Milano, 5 dicembre 2017  – L’Associazione per lo scambio economico ITALO – EUROASIATICO – MEDITERRANEE, promuove anche la cultura. Il concorso lirico Internazionale MAGDA OLIVERO, tenutosi a Milano, appena concluso, ha accolto cantanti lirici dal tutto il mondo:  Cina, Corea, Georgia, Giappone. 

Questi giovani vanno aiutati a realizzare il loro sogno, infatti sono state date delle borse di studio ,la stessa ASIGITALIA ne ha donate due. La Presidente Dr.ssa. Rossana Rodà, soddisfatta per la riuscita dell’evento afferma con un sorriso ironico che la musica, l’arte uniscono tutte le nazioni più dell’economia perchè  colpiscono il cuore e non il portafoglio.
Molti di questi cantanti hanno alle spalle famiglie poco agiate che con grandi sacrifici cercano di assecondare il sogno dei loro figli. Si sta avvicinando il Santo Natale e  per tutti loro è  stata una gioia ricevere un dono, si perchè  tutti i finalisti hanno ricevuto un premio di riconoscimento.
La Presidente Rodà: “A volte ci si dimentica da dove si inizia il percorso, ecco,  non bisognerebbe mai dimenticare;  solo se non si dimenticano gli sforzi i sacrifici fatti per raggiungere delle mete professionali, sociali, non si diventa egoisti ed arroganti nei confronti della vita. Sempre, anche in minor misura,  donare è fondamentale; bisogna sempre incoraggiare chi ha dei sogni affinchè  non si perda la speranza e la determinazione di vivere di vincere. Questo è  l’augurio che ASIGITALIA fa per il Santo Natale, che il Gesù Bambino doni ai giovani, ai meno giovani la determinazione di riuscire a realizzare tutto cio’ che di bello si ha nel cuore”.
La redazione di