Another face of the Mediterranean. Asigitalia visit to the Koutoubia Holding office in Morocco

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The relationship of economic exchange is consolidated, and not only, between Asigitalia and the Mediterranean countries: today 15 May 2018 visit of the President of Asigitalia at the headquarters of Koutoubia Holding.
The company has more than two thousand employees, distributes its products throughout Africa and the Middle East: develops red and white meat, investing in staff training, research, and through its foundation, the Tahar Foundation brings its support for the poorest social strata.
Today a partnership agreement has been signed between the president of the Tahar Foundation, Mr. Tahar Bimezzagh and the President of Asigitalia, Rossana Rodà Daloiso, to create economic synergies with Italian companies in the sector.
This large company, through the Tahar Foundation, following the direction of His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, embraces the principles on which Asigitalia rests: for large companies they must and are obliged to help the most disadvantaged sectors.
In particular, the international economic system has changed and requires investments for the growth and dignity of people.