Asigitalia and Haziel together to donate a home to the Samante family in Kenya

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“A great project is being able to donate more houses, but let’s start with one” declared the president of Asigitalia and Haziel, Rossana Rodà Daloiso. Having offices all over the world, it is involving national and international companies for a major humanitarian project.
The president Rossana Rodà Daloiso, in the forefront, defends the weakest who need help, and has distinguished herself as Haziel and Asigitalia for international support also abroad through visits to the disadvantaged and protocols for work.
On this occasion, Asigitalia and Haziel promote a beneficiary action for humanitarian purposes that aims to raise funds to donate a home to the Samante family in Melili, Kenya.
The family, made up of 2 parents and 6 minors, is in deaf conditions. Of this family, the little Sasha, who is 6 years old, has been living in Milan since 2014.
The aim of the fundraising is to buy a two-bedroom house from a company that specializes in the conversion of containers into homes (, or the best solution for the prefabricated house would be evaluated).
Through this project we can: give this family with 6 children a small and clean house; give dignity to the whole family; make it possible for Sasha to visit the biological family and his brothers; provide examples to other people that the container can be converted into homes for needy people and perhaps even ONG or international governments whose purpose is to help solve the problem of housing in Kenya and in all countries, including ‘Italy, where today many live in discomfort.
The decision to donate a home to the Samante family was driven by the desire of little Sasha, who sees her family living in degradation and in front of the request of a child can not be said no.
For Donation:
ADDRESS: Piazzale Cadorna 15, 20123 MILANO
IBAN: IT 70 Q 02008 01628 000010949891

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